A helicopter flight over Dubai - the original and do not forget a gift

A perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary, for any person will be helicopter flight over Dubai. Unforgettable heavenly adventure hero of the occasion will amaze novelty of sensations. The flight carried an experienced pilot, which gives to rise to the sky. If desired, you can linger over any area of Dubai, as well as to be photographed.

Impressions of the flight - a lot of emotions!

Climb up into the sky - it's indescribably exciting feeling. The pilot will show the passenger how to operate the helicopter, will answer all your questions. Flight give only positive emotions, and will leave a positive memories. Get a gift, then plunge into the atmosphere of new experiences! The passenger struck instantly when the helicopter off the ground and develop their cruising speed. During the flight, the birthday boy even be able to try to control a flying machine.

Gift suit anyone, the helicopter does not perform complex shapes, so, fly it's not scary. The route chosen very carefully, so the passenger will be able to see the main attractions from a different angle and again to discover Dubai.
The machine moves fast, and allows you to see scenery from the open. But for a comfortable walk in the city, it is advisable to rent an expensive car, for example BENTLEY online cargetsrent.com/en/p5_rates_rent/m14_bentley. Reasonable prices and excellent staff.
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