ПРОСТИТУТКИ И МОШЕННИКИ / Prostitutes and swindlers

The long-awaited release of the book "prostitutes and crooks ..." - took place. The book was ready at the end of last year, and written - about 5 years ago. But only now have the opportunity to publish this manual for those who would like to understand a little bit in the world of intersexual relations.
Of course, the topic of pickup and seduction are not so urgent in the CIS, as it was 10 years ago. However, the target audience of the book - it is boys from 12 to 20 years - the ideal age to have fun with the opposite sex, then, believe me, is not up to it.
In fact, the system of intersexual relations we have a single-line, with a predominance of patriarchy, whose totality is growing as we move to the East, where the Patriarchate was built in the absolute. That is, the man is responsible for everything: Woman interested in (like) to entertain, to have sex. But the pleasure of such a process will only receive the fraudster, who shot a prostitute. Buy the book here. God be with you the wisdom, joy and serenity.
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