Be my sweetie: 3 successful fashionistas made their choice

The example of these three girls is another proof of how different ideas and reality are. Feminization, which happened many years ago in western countries, allowed women to stand on a par with men. And now such a concept as "weak-strong" sex does not exist there. The most successful in this nugget are Scandinavian countries, in fact, two of our heroines are from Sweden. They are not alien to date and even maintain their boyfriends, travel with them all over the world and make a proposal of marriage. We present to your attention three fashion bloggers.
A popular blogger, designer and stylist Angelica Blick, originally from Linköping, today lives in the capital of the country, fashion and free sex - Stockholm.

Love this floral dress matched with my red sunnies 😍

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I could spend months on a boat traveling the world ⛵️ there sure is something magical about it!

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And here is the boyfriend of Angelica - Andrea Bangall. The guy works as a coach in the club FightBox. And even if there are a lot of people who want to learn to kick ass, we can’t deny that Andrea earns less than his fashionable girlfriend.

He's mine 💕

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You make my heart beat a little faster, a little harder ✨#nlybeachawa #awaxnelly

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LOVE - Tag the one you Love 💏💋✨

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A model and entrepreneur Kenza is the most popular blogger in Sweden, who have given the birth to her own fashion house IvyRevel.

Before yesterday's @guess fashion show in beautiful Lake Como! 😍 See more on my story. ✨ #LoveGuess

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Alexander, the beloved of Kenza, is a native of Montenegro and a serious contender for her heart, — some month ago a couple celebrated their wedding. Alexander works for his bride in every sense of the word: he is an employee of the already mentioned company IvyRevel.

Mine. 👅👅👅

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Soon-to-be mr and mrs S. 🤵🏻💕👰🏽

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Next time it's us baby. 🙈 Marrying my soulmate in 3 months!! 💕

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Model and blogger Julie have moved to Los Angeles from Mexico with her several sisters and quickly settled, launching her fashion brand SincerelyJules and ShopSincerelyJules.

the start of summer... ☀️🌴🍉 #nationalselfieday

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That sunshine glow. ☀️ @apmmonaco earrings. #apmmonaco

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With his beloved Kevin Berruu, a lover of traveling, design, photography, vintage things and champagne. The couple is engaged and soon is going to celebrate a magnificent wedding.

Bff. 💕 @kevinberruuu

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Best friend. @kevinberruuu / ph by @lucylaucht 💕

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Sweet love of mine. 🎡💕 @kevinberruuu

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