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Grammy 2016


Вот уже в это воскресенье определяться лауряты самой престижной музыкальной премии Грэмми 2016. Хотя лично для меня уже все и так понятно. Достаточно стать постоянным зрителем данной церемонии, чтобы делать правильные прогнозы. Это как с песенным конкурсом Евровидение, только еще более все просто и кристально.

В этом году снова была номинирована Тэйлор Свифт – Альбом года. Да, альбом «1989» вышел действительно очень классным, а по своим продажам обошел даже «Бесстрашная», за который 6 лет назад Тейлор Свифт получила множество статуэток, в том числе и главную награду – Альбом года. Понятно, что сегодня фортуна вряд ли улыбнется девушке, так как в спину дышат серьезные конкуренты, а точнее одна банда - Alabama Shakes. Эти ребята прекрасно вписываются в канву американской премии. Ну что же, посмотрим…

// For this Sunday decided winners of the most prestigious Grammy music awards 2016. Although for me personally, everything is so clear. It is enough to become a regular spectator of the ceremony, to make correct predictions. It's like the Eurovision Song Contest, but more simple and crystal.

This year was again nominated Taylor Swift - album of the year. Yes, the album '1989' came out really cool, but in its sales beat even the "Fearless", for which 6 years ago Taylor Swift has received numerous statues, including the main prize - Album of the Year. It is clear that today the fate hardly smile girl, because in the back breathe serious competitors, but rather one gang - Alabama Shakes. These guys fit perfectly into the fabric of the American award. Well, let's see ...

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Chinese New Year

 Today the whole world is celebrating the Asian New Year - Year of the Fire Monkey. This holiday is for Asians are so large and important that will be celebrated for two weeks. And on holiday manage to come even those who are very far from home. We have such family values ​​but tradition.
But if it is celebrated all Asians, why this is called the Chinese New Year holiday, not a Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai? It may be for the simple reason that China - the largest and most populous country in Asia. In addition, it is in China, there are two sintering (metropolitanskie habitats) are the largest on the planet.
 According to the 2010 Census definitions and mixed (combined criteria metroarealov US and urbanized areas), the situation is as follows.
Urbanarealov Level:
• Shanghai - 20.1 million people.. (Estimated very roughly at the end of 2015 - 23.9 million);
• Guangzhou-Shenzhen - 34.3 million people. (2015 - 39.7 million).
Level metropolitanskih areas:
• Shanghai (including the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou in Jiangsu Province, and Jiaxing in Zhejiang) - 48.3 million (2015 - 56.5 million);
• Guangzhou (all Pearl River Delta plus Hong Kong and Macau) - 63,700,000 (71,800,000 in 2015).
Thus, the rules were the creators of the latest Transformers "The era of destruction", which is referred to as Hong Kong is the largest city in the world. In fact not a city but a metropolitan and urban agglomeration area. But this information for us - knowledgeable. But people who watch such films like http://starschanges.com/travis-fimmel-best-movies-tv-shows/, the presence of intelligence does not differ. In fact, almost all the films that are now coming to rent - a complete misery and absurdity.