Movies became popular again - people quickly get tired of the Internet. What pleasure can deliver watching a movie on a PC? Whether business when throwing on a comfortable chair in the hall of the multiplex, where before you a huge, bow-shaped and snow-white screen on which is projected a film in a 2K or even 4K - studio quality.

That's right, the benefits of watching a movie at the cinema are obvious. But not everyone has the opportunity to go into a modern multiplex. Then come to the rescue of His Majesty the Internet and the legal services of content viewing. For example, first films of this spring and summer, you can try to look at, but most likely you will not succeed, because this portal is intended only to drive traffic and perelinkovak. Take advantage of services vudu or iTunes.

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Remember how in the sixth installment in the franchise, "Fast and Furious" Dominic Toretto and company arrive in the UAE and dissect on Abu Dhabi streets in the chic race cars? Of course, that may be more effective than the speed to get out of the car by hand with elegant beauty. Coming to Dubai on a business trip, or as tourists, you can feel like a full-fledged resident of this eastern metropolis. Indeed, car rental Dubai porsche – simple and affordable opportunity to drive at a speed of 200 km / h on the languishing of hot sun the streets of Dubai.
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So ended another song contest in Europe that I started actively playing since 2000 - when the contest was held also in the Globen Arena. Since then, guess the winner could not even once, except that only a win Conchita Wurst was predictable.
This year is my opinion coincided with the bookies - win Australia. Professionally delivered vocals and arrangements mainstream ala Sia Dami Im. They had to charm the European audience and the jury that, in fact, happened. But the victory, suddenly, the singer from Ukraine Jamala.
Again, as in 2004, here you can "glue" politically motivated: 12 years ago it was the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the change of power, today - the political-military conflict between the two brotherly countries.
Carrying out the next competition in the country the donor in Europe - Ukraine - not too enticing sight. And the poor Ukrainians, this action may result in even greater debt problems. As one popular joke at the forum, in the following year, Ukrainians can detect in their utility bills a new item of expenditure - Eurovision.

Competition and such rotting, and this in spite of the green part of the continent, broadcast on China and the United States. And then there was the hostess of the next competition "on the ruins of Downtown." While it may be, even so the situation in Ukraine is stabilizing and will return to a common denominator: the Crimea be returned to Ukraine, and in Odessa again pulled vacationers from all over the CIS. It would be nice if this ...
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