Ronaldo or Griezmann

Who will be the champion of European soccer and the owner of "Golden Ball" - 31 year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, satiated with glory and money, with 17 million annual salary and 66.5 million subscribers to instagram, or Antoine Griezmann -. Little-known football player of " Atletico Madrid "? We'll know soon.

Football Final of the European Championship can be seen on the big screen in a movie theater Arena City.

EURO 2016

Tomorrow starts the European football championship. Yes, even in the pre-Internet's era, I remember, as if held in Portugal enthusiastically watched Euro 2004: presented himself a fan in the stands, moves from one match and another city in Portugal with beautiful passion. But that was then, television dictate what and when to watch. Now what you want - and then see.

Virtually ignoring the last European Championship, which took place in Poland and Ukraine, the current, at least want to see - after all France recently under my watchful eye - reviewing the films of your favorite director Eric Rohmer.

And where you can watch online championship? It is not going to, I turn on the TV, adjusting to the TV grid ?! Or again it is necessary to download the torrent ?!
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