Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

Good day friends. It passed the longest festive party called Christmas and New Year. Melancholy and longing, depression and frustration - all that's left from the busy holidays. But there is nothing to despair, because ahead of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

This year, Chinese New Year comes from the seventh to February 8th, and a week later, and Valentine's Day is knocking on our doors. So bored. This is especially true of Asians, who celebrate their New Year a month. Although I personally do this year celebrates the feast of more than two months. Chinese I surpassed.
I remember now, like in school all moved, shade and worried before the onset of Valentine's Day. Or it was the Soviet holidays February 23 and March 8? But I do remember one thing - all gave each other greeting, which was written in any sweet stuff. Today, walking in the street, he ran me a girl of fifteen and talking on the phone with his girlfriend, apparently, enthusiastically told that it's someone out there and kissed her so she is now ready to cry. I wonder why people are so naive, romantic and emotional only in adolescence. One has only to grow as suddenly become a mean, rude, mercantile and practical. It may be better then, and do not grow up as Peter Pan, parody which withdrew WICKED PICTURES, and for good reason - the film won the main award at the 2016 AVN.

But it is now a little bit about the other, namely - about the gifts that are impossible, by the way, are appropriate in these days. And the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day - an excellent opportunity to remind myself and love to their loved ones. Well, let's be honest - do not know, but the other half - her friends, boys, women and men. Although Valentine's Day - a holiday of youth. But as I have already said above - I do not want to grow up. At least, the age for sure. Since I love most about the two countries - France and the United States (in fact, a lot of countries) will be guided on what give each other in these countries on Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. In the US, of course, play their favorite snack in China, but the French, as a more sophisticated nation prefers jewelry. At one time, I remember, gave a silver cross on Orthodox sale. But why wait when coming to your town Fair Orthodox Church, then how to buy silver cross you can right now, without getting up from the table. Total 190 rubles - and your buddy will shine in all its glory.
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